Nuxalk pole returns to its original home

March 4, 2023
On February 13, 2023, we asked photographer Kim Doupont to attend a repatriation ceremony at…

Stewards of the Sea: In Conversation with Tsawout Fisheries

March 2, 2023
A conversation with Chrissy Chen, manager of the SȾÁUTW̱ (Tsawout) First Nation Fisheries department.
Media Coverage

The Indigenous Prosperity Centre’s Executive Director Christina Clarke plans for seven generations

February 13, 2023
Douglas magazine talks to Christina Clarke about the vision and goals of the Indigenous Prosperity…

Key Takeaways from the 2023 BCAFN Economic Sustainability Forum

February 8, 2023
IPC Executive Director Christina Clarke shares her key takeaways from the 2023 BC Assembly of…

IPC featured on Road to Recovery

January 16, 2023
Indigenous Prosperity Centre is featured in the Douglas magazine Road to Recovery series on CHEK…

IPC interviewed on Our Native Land podcast

January 14, 2023
Listen to Christina Clarke describe the work we're doing to support Indigenous-led economic development on…

Protecting Indigenous Intellectual Property

December 16, 2022
South Island Prosperity Partnership’s Rising Economy 2022 conference included a panel discussion on Indigenous Intellectual…

An Indigenous-led economy that puts people first

December 14, 2022
Indigenous Prosperity Centre Executive Director Christina Clarke shares the vision, purpose and values of IPC.