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The Medicine of Moose Hide: An Interview with Raven Lacerte

Raven Lacerte, co-founder of the Moose Hide Campaign
Raven Lacerte, co-founder of the Moose Hide Campaign.

“Better is always possible,” said Raven Lacerte when she spoke with our Executive Director Christina Clarke for our Indigenous Prosperity Podcast. Raven shared the motivation and goals behind the Moose Hide Campaign, which she co-founded with her family over 10 years ago. The movement has grown from a local initiative to a national one and it has created a much needed conversation around gender-based violence and the need for all of us to experience the healing journey.

In her conversation with Christina, Raven spoke of asking herself how she wants to show up for her children, and how we can bring the medicine of the Moose Hide to our own lives. Watch the podcast below for a powerful perspective on what it means to give back and help forge a future where women and children are safe from violence.

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